Why is Canada the first choice of international students?

Affordable Education

Because of the quality education at an affordable price, Canada is among the dream destinations for international students. It has a higher standard of living at a very effective cost of sustaining. The tuition fees are low in comparison to other developed countries like the USA and UK. The study environment in the classrooms is liked by the students as Canada is a multicultural country.

Easy to get Permanent Residency in comparison to other countries

Canadian Immigration is very supportive of international students. If the students follow all the rules and regulations made by the Canadian government, then it is not a tough job for them to get PR within the time of 15 to 18 months. There is a need to meet the eligibility criteria that are described in the form of points to become the permanent residence of Canada.

Allow to Work part-time while studying

The Canadian government allowed students to work part-time so that they can manage their cost of living while studying. The students can work for 20 hours in one week. During their holidays they can work full time. There are even several programs which have the paid internship facility.

Post-study work permit

Post-study work permit means students are allowed to get a post-study work permit after completion of their study program. The duration of the PSWP means depends on the duration of the programme which is taken by the students.

Degrees are recognised across the World

Acquire the degrees, diploma or certificate that is recognised across the world. The students will learn and earn an education that will open doors for their future benefit. Your career will run for a long time. The Canadian degrees have the value equal to the degree of the United States or commonwealth countries.

Multicultural Society

Canada is a multicultural country that welcomes international students from across the world. Almost there are people from all over the world and all cultures. So, it's not hard for the students to find food and recreation activities as per their home country. The students can get assistance from an advisor that helps them to get in touch with any number of ethnic clubs and associations to join.

Healthy and Safe Communities

Canada ranked as one of the best places in the world to live that is consistently recommended by the United Nations. You will experience the Canadian's friendly and open nature. The international students get all kinds of freedoms. Canadian have a concern about human rights so that every citizen of the country can live a stable and peaceful life.

How to get admission in Canada institute/university

The universities and educational institutions have their admission criteria but this does not apply to all but on most of them. So, it is beneficial for the students if they start their application in advance to avoid any mishappening later. There are two main intakes, summer and winter in September, December, January and May as the Canadian education system follows the semester system.

The International students are advised to apply before the deadline that generally begins from the middle of the December and ends in March. But it does not apply to all universities. It varies from universities to universities as the deadline for some colleges is between September and November.

The students have to start their application process in advance at least 15 to 18 months after selecting the institute of your choice so that you can get admission in the course of your choice without any hassle. Before applying, you must have to obtain the details of applications procedure and eligibility criteria so the thing will go in the right way. The students need to apply for a student authorization at the Canadian embassy or consulate of your home country after getting the acceptance letter from the institutions

Canadian Student Visa

The student visa is a mandatory document to enter into Canada. The students have to satisfy the Canadian immigration by following their terms and conditions and regulations to get the student visa to fulfil their dream of studying in Canada and further start their career in the country. It takes one to two months to proceed.

Student Visa Procedure

To get the student visa to study in Canada, the students have to submit a filled application form to the immigration officer of the Canadian embassy and the highest commission nearby you. You also need to submit supportive documents along with your student visa application.

Necessary Documents for applying for Visa

1. Student visa application form with full information
2. Completed questionnaire form if applying for postgraduate programs and any kind of research
3. Offer letter which one you get from the Canadian Institute of your choice
4. In case of if your selected institute come under Quebec province then it is mandatory to submit the letter of acceptance (LOA) which one you get from the government of the Quebec
5. Certificate showing the score of TOEFL/IELTS
6. Valid passport
7. Bank Draft or valid credit card for visa processing fees
8. Proof of funds (Depend on application nature)

Medical Report

If you are applying for a program that is more than six months duration than you need to submit your medical report before the Canadian high commission official. The purpose of this is that the embassy generally does not permit a student visa if he/she is in any critical health situation. You will get student authorization only after all this kind of process.

Eligibility for Admissions in graduation and post-graduation programs

As an international student, you need to submit the required documents that are mandatory to get acceptance of your application for a study visa. Applicants have to submit the following documents for undergraduate and postgraduate courses:

1. Secondary School Certificates
2. Higher Secondary Certificates
3. English Language Proficiency Tests like TOEFL/IELTS
4. Letters of Recommendation
5. Statement of Purpose(SOP)

All the provinces in Canada have their own education system. So, the eligibility criteria of each province also differ from each other. As there is no standardized entrance exam to get admission in any institutes/college or universities so all are free to set their eligibility criteria. It's your academic record that affects the acceptance of your application a lot.

However, there are some general criteria that the majority of them follow for undergraduate courses like:
1 Minimum 70% and above in 12th Grade
2 TOEFL: If Paper-based then: 580-600, If computer-based: min of 237-250 or IELTS 6.0 (Not less than 5.5 in Each Band)
3 Portfolio of Creative Works (If any)

General eligibility criteria for postgraduate and doctorate programs:

There are some general criteria that the majority of them follow
- 70% Minimum in a 4-year bachelor's degree course.
- 2-3 years of full-time work experience.
- GMAT scores 1200 to 1500 minimum.
- TOEFL: Paper-based: 580-600, computer-based: min of 237-250 or IELTS 6.5 (Not less than 6.0 in Each Band)
- Portfolio of Creative Works (If any)
- For Doctorate programmes, you must have a Master's degree in the subject. The important aspect that an international must need to understand that most of the business schools in Canada do not accept the one-year education of a two-year degree course such as M Tech., M Sc., M A. etc.

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