Let’s become a part of the education system of a country that is facilitated with the world’s top research facilities and academic institutions. The name of that country is New Zealand. The classrooms of the New Zealand institutions reflect the cultural diversity of the land, meaning it is a multicultural country. Get the learning opportunities in a supportive academic environment because professors are approachable.

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Diversification of Education system in New Zealand

You can find all kinds of courses in New Zealand as per your profile and interest. The country is a home of a variety of institutions with research-based study infrastructure, universities providing a broader range of courses to the students. There is an authority named New Zealand Qualification Authority which is responsible to keep the record of the institutions that appoint the international students and also manage the social well being of the institutions.

The education system of New Zealand is divided into the five sectors including:


There are a number of colleges offering the undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The eight colleges are among them are state funded. All colleges in New Zealand are research based and with excellent infrastructure.

Establishments of Technology and Polytechnics

New zealand makes the establishment of polytechnics colleges to provide vocational education to the students. There are lots of technology based jobs available in the market, so the professional and aptitudes based courses make the students employable.

Private tertiary and preparing establishments

New Zealand is facilitated with a huge number over 500 of Private Training Establishments (PTEs). All these institutions offer a wide range of NZQA-accredited tertiary courses and qualifications. These courses target a specific field. There are Some PTEs that offer courses free of any charges. These are offering degrees in various disciplines.

Instructor preparing

New Zealand is well-known for its instructor preparing courses. The fantastic instruction norms are there who prepare the excellent instructors. Some of the institutes are government funded and others offer projects in joint efforts with their nearby colleges or work inside the colleges.

English dialect preparing segment

There are different dialects of English preparing segments that are available in New Zealand. Most learners of English learn the standard dialects of the language to enhance their career. These schools offer courses for people with all age groups for business purposes.

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Applying for Visa

The advantages of the education system in New Zealand to international students can not be overemphasized; it is a system that offers an attractive and stimulating academic environment International students can expect a high standard of education and living conditions.

English is the everyday language of New Zealanders and there is strong English Language support for international students.

Living and tuition costs compare well with other countries.

Travel to New Zealand is easy with direct flights from most major cities.

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