Admissions Guidance:-

To suggest the right course, we collect all the information from your side and read it carefully. Which college/course or university will be the right for you depends on your education background that we come to know by analysing your academic documents and work experience if you have any.

Pre Departure Services:-

It helps the students to adjust to the country if they are aware of the lifestyle of the country in which they are going to study higher education. We at Akoglob, provide the pre-departure services to the students like providing the information on living cost, weather and transportation system. We make all the efforts so that students can feel normal when they are going to switch into the new chapter of their life.

Travel and Forex Assistance: -

To eliminate the doubts of the students, we provide them with excellent travel and forex assistance. We have tie-ups with renowned forex dealers to provide our students with competitive exchange rates.

Scholarship Assistance: -

Different countries provide economic support to talented and eligible students to continue their higher study.

We provide scholarship assistance to the students. It means that we provide the information to the students to get benefitted from the different scholarship options available for them. You are eligible for a scholarship or not, it depends on the following things:

How many marks you have in Total in your Senior Secondary and Graduations study

Your skills regarding language proficiency

Your IELTS and PTE bands that you have gotten



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